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JustCats.org will be happy to design and host your show flyer and forms.  The basic charge is $100. A show site normally consists of a flyer, print page, summary form and entry form.  The page is hosted on a private no ad or pop-up host and the forms are also ad/pop-up free.  Other pages such as an info page can be added at the club's discretion. 


JustCats will design and host the show flyer and associated pages on a private host. 

Online Flyer/forms will be made from club submitted information with the club's choice of themes.

JustCats will submit design and forms for proofing/changes.

Once changes are made, the club contact will accept pages
and can announce the site.  JustCats will contact the TICA
to add the flyer to the TICA site.

Club and exhibitors understand that there are times that the cyber world
may not work as predicted and ultimately it is
the responsibility of the exhibitor to
make contact with the entry clerk to make sure that the entries have been received.

JustCats will be available for troubleshooting and updates as needed.

JustCats will get a copy of the entry but no data is harvested and
all data is deleted after the show date.

JustCats will not be liable for any damages including those associated with errors on the
form since it was proofed and accepted by
the club contact/s.

JustCats uses a commercial autoresponder.  If the autoresponder goes down
which has only happened once in over 3 years, exhibitors will need
to email their entry and summary info until responder is back up.

  Any changes to the agreement will be made in writing and
agreed upon by JustCats and the club contact.

These terms have been read, understood and agreed upon by the club contact.

I have read and accept the above conditions as stated.
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